About Anne-Marie

I’m a designer, researcher and facilitator in networked organizing and director of the foundation Eigentijdse Verbindingen (Contemporary Connections). In my daily work I lead network programs about current social issues. We have developed a digital network program that might also be interesting for the Big History network. Big history is a source of inspiration for over 20 years. Jos Werkhoven and Fred Spier have pointed out to me that way. Last year I researched - together with Jos Werkhoven and a lot of Montessori teachers and trainers - Montessori Cosmic Education as an example of Big History primary education and I designed a framework for teaching and researching Big History. (http://www.dearend.nl/pdf/BigHistory_CosmicEducation.pdf). Next year I am writing a paper about networked researching and organizing. I am working out the relationship between a big history framework, a methodology for researching, a network strategy for global communities and utilizing the potential involved. Anne-Marie Poorthuis Director foundation Eigentijdse Verbindingen (Contemporary Connections) Koninginneweg 98 1241CX Kortenhoef +31 35 6564636 http://eigentijdseverbindingen.nl http://netwerkprogramma.nl