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  1. Hi Maarten,

    I think this sounds like an excellent idea. It might be useful to explain a little more what it means to be an “institutional home base”. I’m not sure of the relationship between IBHA and Grand Rapids University. What might the University of Amsterdam do to support the network? For example, could it find volunteers who would add content to this website, or otherwise help to promote the network?

    Also note that this website is physically hosted on a server in Amsterdam, not in the UK. Another thing the University could do would be to host it on one of its servers. Ideally it would take ownership of the domain name BigHistory.eu. At the moment this name is registered by my company, so if we go out of business the name could be lost.

    I think that, now the summer holidays are over, it is time to bring a group of enthusiasts from this Network together to map out the next steps and assign priorities for the network. I think a Skype conference is probably a good way to do this.

    I already created a poll asking people to select the days/times which suit them best:
    Only you and Olga responded. You said Wednesday evening was best and Olga said Thursday evening.

    I could issue another newsletter asking members who want to take part in a discussion to vote on their best day/time.

    What do you think?

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