European Big History Network

Big History in Europe

A short history of the network.

Already at the 2014 IBHA conference in San Rafael, California (USA) the idea of forming a European Big History group was suggested by some participants. 2 years later, at the 2016 IBHA conference in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) at the initiative of Jesse Bos it was discussed more seriously and about 20 conference participants expressed an interest.

Finally, in 2017, thanks to the initiative of Olga García Moreno and the generosity of the Fundación Valdés-Salas twelve participants, representing seven European countries were invited to Salas, Asturias (Spain) to discuss the feasibility of a European Network in more detail. Participants agreed that the network’s first aim is to create a platform for communication between members and that meetings will be held in Europe. The network does not aspire to become a formal part of the IBHA.

In 2018 the network met again in Salas, Asturias (Spain) with 14 participants, representing six European countries. Participants agreed on a mission statement, the “Salas Statement” as shown on the HOME page. The network’s main line of activities were identified as Big History scientific literacy and/or education for students and the general public as well as Big History research. It was agreed upon that members want the network to grow organically and from a bottom-up approach.

In 2019 the network then met in Coldigioco, Marche (Italy) with 14 participants representing six European countries. With respect to Big History, Coldigioco is a special place, as here the foundation of the International Big History Association was laid in 2010. There will be a teacher’s exchange of Big History teachers in The Netherlands with Italy/Spain on an Erasmus+ grant in spring 2020. Ideas for making a book together were discussed. Esther Quaedacker (Asd) has obtained a Comenius grant for a course on Local Big History at the university level (universities of Amsterdam, Milan, and Aarhus work on that) in 2020. It was agreed that the network’s website will be redesigned.